• I should check more often was "Best" Scale for small layout?

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    Robert Heller <heller@deepsoft.com> on Sat, 19 Nov 2011 07:36:45 -0600
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    Not only the rolling stock adds up but also scenery as in structures,
    vehicles, figures. All in all I believe an N-scale layout is more expensive >> per square meter/yard, especially when building a layout with a large city >> or towns. A real city scene can easily have plus 40 structures and still not >> look convincing because theres too much vacant room left.

    OTOH, the 'cost' can be spread over a (large) period of time -- >*individualy*, N scale rolling stock, engines, and structures are
    fairly cheap, cheaper than the same item in 0 scale. And the OP was
    talking about a *small* layout. A small layout will have less 'stuff'
    on it.

    A smaller layout ... um, depends. A 30 x 24' house on a 75 x 50
    foot lot, ten feet of street, 8 feet of alley, is the same regardless
    of the scale (1' to 1', 1":12" 1:160, etc). That city block has just
    as many buildings, they just require less space in the room to be
    OTOH, the difference in detail of a 1:12 house vs a 1:160 is incredible.
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