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    First of all the gear ratio is changed from 16:1 to 32:1 there-by cutting
    the speed in half. An Athearn Loco that runs 140 MPH out of the box is reduced in half to 70 MPH. Installation of the kits without bothering to
    shim gears will result in less than desirable results. The trucks have
    to be swapped from back to front and vice versa on all units because the
    main reduction gear causes the drive axles to rotate in the opposite direction. Lurching is caused from improper shimming of the worm gear assembly combined with inadequate clearancing of the truck housing.
    There is a boss in the Athearn truck housing that must be removed to
    attain the necessary side play for the main reduction gear to operate
    without binding. This proceedure is necessary on all Ernst Gear
    installations on Athearn Locos, 4 or 6 axles. The S D 40-2 trucks are the easiest to install because the axle gears don't have to be changed. All
    other athearn trucks are more work because the axle gears must be changed with the Ernst axle gears. You must make sure the Ernt axle gear meshes
    with the idler gear in the truck or you will experience one or more axles rotating in the wrong direction.
    It is very easy to blame a mechanical device for ones inability to
    install the kit properely . On our RR, The Joint Line, we have regeared
    over 150 locomotives successfully we don't tolerate lurching or other
    shoddy performance characteristics. I have found that with proper instillation coupled with an adequate break-in results in an Athearn loco that will run at .03 MPH to between 65-75 MPH top speed , prototype locos operate very much the same depending on the RR.
    If you experience problems, E-Mail for help
    Woody Woodward, Tom Holley
    Hi, are you still available to talk about Ernst Gears?

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