• Which HPR Motor Makers are Still in Business

    From cscholl@21:1/5 to All on Mon Apr 20 21:59:06 2020
    Hello the Group

    I have been gone from the hobby for about 14 years.

    Which of the Kosdon type motor manufacturers are still in business?

    Kosdon Motors died and Aerotech seems to be making reloads for them, but
    is anyone making Kosdon motors any more?

    Ellis Mountain went away before I had to quit.

    Animal Motor Works is still around but looks like Cesaroni Technologies
    merged with them.

    Loki Motors web site looks alive.

    AeroTech is still in business.

    SkyRipper Hybrids went away.
    HyperTek is still around??

    Anyway, I want to get back in but want to get the Loki style stuff.

    Curtis Scholl
    TRA 3976
    NAR 72953

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