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    On Monday, May 19, 1997 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Kurt D. Schachner wrote:

    I have been working on building the old Estes Gemini-Titan kit. However,
    I've run into a few problems with the construction, and I wondered if
    anybody out there would help.

    1. First off, the width of the clear plastic fin ring is 2 7/16" wide.
    This cannot be any wider because of the launch lug that is in the way. HOWEVER, the length of the fin root is considerably longer than 2 7/16".
    SO, either the fin pattern is wrong, or the leading or trailing edge of
    the fin is supposed to stick out beyond the ring. Any ideas?

    2. If you use 7/16" for the length of JT-50B stage couplers (on the
    engine tubes), then all the dimensions given for the wooden struts are
    wrong. I made the struts longer to fit, but I wondered if I used the
    wrong lengths for the tube couplers?

    3. If you use the engine shrouds given in the plans, they are way too
    big, and bump into each other at the trailing ends. I redesigned them so
    the bells are smaller and don't interfere with each other.

    Also, if anyone needs the patterns for the engine tube centering rings
    (they are canted inward), I have those. Plus vector drawings for decals,
    both the body tube and the shroud. A friend suggested using the Revell
    decals for the capsule, which I did. This decal has white which I cannot duplicate.

    One more thing--this model goes together much better if you do NOT build
    the upper shroud like the instructions show. Instead, build it like the Centuri Saturn V, with body tube separating at the bottom of the shroud.
    Use a JT-70 to support the trailing edge of the shroud, and glue the
    nose cone in place. I found it impossible to glue that bottom edge onto
    the very edge of the BT-70 and still keep a nice form to the shroud.

    I realize this may be hard to understand ;-), e-mail me if you want to discuss it.


    Kurt Schachner

    I would love to get the centering ring patterns.

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