• Where to fly in SoCal without *hassle*?

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    On Monday, October 15, 2001 at 5:10:34 PM UTC-7, RBrigham1 wrote:
    In Florida, you simply went to an empty field....here [California] they have all of these
    oppressive flying laws.

    Can anybody help?

    The fundimental problem with rocketry in California, be it central or coastal southern California, is that for at least six months of the year, the landscape
    is carpeted in hybrid fuel (dried grass and brush) mixed with an oxidizing atmosphere. It only needs a relatively small rise in absolute temperature and
    the equivalent of a Daveyfire to set it off. I now live in Calabasas, starting
    point of the great3 day fire of '94 that burned up Malibu, and can only think whistfully back at the times in my youth in Pennsylvania when we launched anytime we wanted to in the field behind the house. Sigh.
    Such is the price we pay for living in LaLa land, where the economy is strong
    enough to for me to affort high power engines. I'm just greatfull that there
    are any scheduled safe launches anywhere around here.
    Anyway, just my penny-and-a- half's worth.

    Robert Brigham
    NAR 79579 L1

    Words are your friends. Choose them carefully.

    I've lived in CA all of my long life. Never was into "rocketry" but my grandson is getting interesed so I am searching for a place -- California today is nothing like it used to be. Kids used to use these same rockets at the beach and the many open
    fields there were with no problem Like it used to be in your Pennsylvania. When my grandson became interested in BB guns we had to drive 50 miles to place it could be legally shot. California has the most repressive laws I've ever heard of and it isn't
    getting any better. From the best place on earth to the worst place in the country in less than a lifetime.

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