• flash bulb firing current characterization?

    From Terence Staines@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jun 9 20:18:02 2017
    replying to bit eimer, Terence Staines wrote:
    Anybody have any bright ideas on how to fire a flashbulb remotely, without using leads? I was toying with the idea of buying a laser engraving diode to
    do it, but they're pricey. I want to dangle a flashbulb from a very fine nylon thread, and either heat it or zap it without wires in some fashion, to set the bulb off (for my own amusement, to take novelty photographs).

    for full context, visit http://www.polytechforum.com/rockets/flash-bulb-firing-current-characterization-54927-.htm

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