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    Due to the add of the single season character Sparky, a major piece of Denzel's Past was changed which does not add up the with real reason he got and lost his Fairly godparents. But what seems to be into Crocker's childhood for that season shows him on
    his 11th birthday, asking Cosmo and Wanda for a magic set because his mother only got him a necktie. He was a lot more angry and impatient than was previously shown, which would make the more descriptive past irrelevant, even messing up his fairies'
    names, calling them "Lazlo and Brenda." Which he never did on March 15, 1972 or any other day in the past episode. He was seen in his house with a pillow fort with a sign written on it saying "The Crocker Kave," showing that he had the idea to make The
    Crocker Cave as a child. It was revealed at this time that his mother was the reason he needed fairies in the first place, but due to turning 11 and being old enough for therapy, Jorgen came to take them away.
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    Crocker has a deeply complex and variably unhealthy relationship with his mother Delores-Day Crocker, whose basement he lives in even into his adulthood. Crocker is quick to view his Mother with deep contempt, viewing her as smothering, critical and
    holding him back in life. He will often respond to her suggestions, regardless of whether or not they could be considered helpful, with screaming rebuttals and threats. Despite this, in later seasons Crocker seems to alternate between his usual contempt
    and a strange dependency on his mother, causing him to pass up marriage to someone who legitimately loved him in favor of Delores-Day.Delores-Day's feelings toward her son have shifted over the course of the show. While Crocker was a child, his Mother
    was shown to be frequently busy, working multiple jobs in order to support Crocker as a single-parent, which in turn caused him to gain Fairy Godparents in the first place. When Crocker became an adult, she continued to dote on her son, but frequently
    tried to persuade him to take steps to better himself such as giving up his strange obsession with Fairies and finding a girlfriend to settle down with and move out of her home, advice Crocker will angrily refuse. Crocker's hostility towards his Mother
    would frequently cause her to slip into crying fits. As an old woman, she is also shown to be heavily reliant on Crocker to physically aid her wellbeing, tasks Crocker will often force onto his students as a form of punishment. In later seasons, Delores-
    Day is often seen working alongside Crocker in his half-baked schemes, with both agreeing to work towards a common goal involving never seeing one another again. She has also become more openly bitter over her Son's peculiar habits, leading to her
    frequently insulting Crocker and pulling pranks on him.
    In the secret origin of Denzel Crocker, Crocker had them when he was a kid. He was kind, using his magic to help people, having been a nice person. He lost his fairies after Timmy interfered with the past and 70's Jorgen erased his fairies and Crocker's
    mind. In episodes where he interacts with Cosmo and Wanda since the events of this episode, it can be assumed Crocker does not recognize Cosmo and Wanda as his previous godparents or whether he had them at all, despite his persistent belief in fairies.
    This might be because of a personal message he wrote to himself (on a device Timmy brought from the future) in 1972 shortly before Jorgen erases Crocker's memory. The message: "FAIRY GODPARENTS EXIST!" ultimately worked, making Jorgen's spell effective
    only in erasing Crocker's memories with Cosmo and Wanda as his godparents and his capability to recognize and remember them during his future encounters with Timmy Turner. In a later episode, Let Sleeper Dogs Lie, he was cruel and treated his fairies
    unfairly. Jorgen took them when he was old enough to go to therapy over his bad relationship with his mother. He placed a mind control chip (on Sparky) that when activated hypnotizes Sparky into taking his fairies back to him, it worked briefly until
    Jorgen took both his fairies and Sparky.

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