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    In the future today children today tend to be interested in playing the game from the study, because the development of the game world is now more rapidly and attractive compared to developments in the world of education, this is what makes children more
    interested in playing games than on learning. in addition, the old learning methods of reading and exercise, most of the children in modern times are now less interested and tend to be lazy to learn such a way. require a way for children to play and
    indirectly while learning. Computer-based teaching tool is expected to help overcome this problem. in addition, teaching tool like this can also ease the burden on teachers, so that the learning process can run well and the materials being taught can be
    understood by students. through learning how to use a computer, a lesson can be delivered in an interactive form and can illustrate a concept through animation, sound and attractive demonstration. this application allows students to learn without a time
    limit. The purpose of the research to make reading tutorial how to quickly and counting in child-based multimedia using macromedia flash 8.0. teaching tool that utilizes computers to deliver the materials to be taught so-called computer assisted
    instruction (cai). computer assisted instruction is a computer-based teaching aids with an interactive program. by using this device, the learning process becomes more active. this device can be used as a primary tool or a teaching tool. Based on the
    results of this study concluded that the tutorial how to quickly learn and numeracy can add to the spirit of learning students, this is because students are actively involved and participate in learning using this tutorial, so that learning becomes fun,
    the students begin to mention the numbers and letters with its own language, though still with the help of a teacher.
    Motivasi belajar sangat mempengaruhi keberhasilan belajar peserta didik. Keberhasilan belajar akan tercapai apabila adanya kemauan dan dorongan untuk peserta didik untuk belajar. Peneliitian ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan motivasi dan hasil belajar
    peserta didik dengan mengembangkan multimedia pembelajaran interaktif berbasis software macromedia flash 8 yang valid, praktis dan efektif bagi peserta didik. Peneltian ini menggunakan metode pengembangan dengan model ADDIE. Hasil penelitian yang
    diperoleh pada tingkat motivasi peserta didik berada pada rata-rata 65 dengan kategori sedang, kemudian setelah menggunakan multimedia pembelajaran interaktif yang dikembangkan meningkat menjadi 95 dengan kategori sangat tinggi. Begitu juga dengan hasil
    belajar peserta didik. Pada pretest peserta didik memperoleh rata-rata sebesar 77 kemudian terjadi peningkatan pada saat posttest dengan perolehan nilai rata-rata 93. Sehingga dapat disimpulkan bahwa multimedia interaktif memiliki pengaruh terhadap
    peningkatan motivasi dan hasil belajar pesera didik
    Download Tutorial Macromedia Flash 8 Bahasa Indonesia
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