• Midwest Sukhoi .40

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    Has anyone built and flow the Midwest Sukhoi .40? I am interested in any onf you may have on this kit. I have never built a midwest kit before
    what is thier quality like....What I really need to know is how this kit flys.

    Bob Hawke

    I builtone and used an os70fl 4 stroke, flew great. lost control on 5th flite, may have been fying too slow when making a turn on approach or had a radio control loss. does any body have a wing or a kit. body survived, but not the wing

    I have a good wing. Mine spun in on the second flight, I was doing stall turns and someone in the pits turned their radio on, same channel as mine, (found out later) and when it hit the asphalt runway the nose took the brunt of the impact. Wing is fine,
    but covered with white/black and not white/red like the plane on the box.

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