• Wet transfer decals for 1600 mm B17G flying fortress "old 909 paint

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    On Saturday, August 9, 2014 at 5:18:03 PM UTC-7, ROBERT wrote:
    I currently own a 1600mm b17g flying fortress r/c airplane " old 909 paint scheme" in mustard yellow
    and needing a complete wet transfer decal set for it in place of the peel off and stick bubble up type decals that come with it that hobby king supplied, freewing and hobby lobby offered these wet transfer decals at
    one time as they also offered the plane at one time and I am needing these decals desperately, I don't care what the cost is to get these decals,
    is there anyone out there who can help me or direct me to someone who has them?
    my other option is to copy these sticker type decals on a laser printer
    using decal paper,but the problem I run into in doing so is the back
    ground of the decals also copys in bright yellow and I need it to copy
    with a clear background .....................help!
    please advise....................thanks, Rob

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