• Who are Highflyers?

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    My first sports kite was with a Highflyers Club Sport (I think this is
    very similar to the Spirit, just with fewer pannels. From what I
    remember both are based on the original Tim Benson Phantom) and I havent looked back since!.
    If i remember correctly, all Highflyers kites (except Wild Thang and
    Spectre) where based on the Phantom. But with the Team Spirit they invented some new features:
    - trailing edge totally different to the Phantoms
    - larger sail area
    - LESS -> *L* eading *E* dge *S* lot *S* ystem there've been 2 slots on the leading edges which should decrease the pull of the kite in higher wind
    speed and the should enable easyer flying in lower winds (the slots should decrease turbulances on the back surface of the kite - this should be the same effect which is used on aircrafts using additional flaps on the
    leading edge of the wings which are used in slow speed flying (take off
    and landing)...
    In my opinion, these new features didn't change the kites flying abilities that much - but i agree with you, it's still a good 'allround' kite for a reasonable price.
    Breezy greetinx,
    Hannover, Germany
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    I've had a club sport for 25 years. A lovely kite.

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