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    As that question was 18 years ago, I doubt your reply was of much use.

    David B

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    I am interested in the MEFM and would like more info on
    it ,like is it as good as the catalog says, it sure sounds good,
    and what better place to ask then where the experience is.

    I have been a keen kite flyer for years, and have many kites, if I had to keep only one of them,. it would be my MEFM, it is that far ahead of all other competition stunt kites, it just not funny.

    I actually have 2, a light and a super light, both fantastic.

    I recall many years ago in Bali, breaking one of the stand-offs and a local kid made me one out of a piece of bamboo stick, and it actually flew just as well, until I returned home and got a replacement.


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