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    Does anyone know if anyone has juggled three bowling balls (minimum individual weight of 15lb 12oz) for more than 47 catches? If so,
    please let me know by whom and how I might contact him/her. This is
    for an upcoming TV show broadcast and your collective help will be
    much appreciated.

    Steve Salberg.
    .sig says it's nice to be home from where the Buffalo roam...

    Hey Steve,
    Reading the info posted brought back some interesting memories. I know some of the people mentioned: Robert Nelson & Bob Nickerson and heard of the others. In fact Bob Nickerson is in the Documentary done about me years later. I actually let Bob try my
    Bowling Balls in 1980, after he saw me Juggle them in the show.
    I met Ray the Heavyweight Juggler back in the Eighties we hung out together and shared stories there in the streets of San Fran about the very subject, Juggling Bowling balls. I heard about the accident, where he was hurt bad and could not perform
    anymore. The reason that story struck me so strong at the time was I had been juggling Bowling balls since 1977 and performed all over America with my act. In 1980 in Fargo, the TV Show "Games People Play came to the IJA convention and filmed all kinds
    of Juggling acts, mine included: where I juggled 60 Throws from the right hand count only with 11 LB balls, but the story grew to 16 lb balls over time. I even had the pleasure of Juggling Bowling Balls on Stilts.
    You can find the footage and check it out, it was a hoot to do such a show back then. Years later a short documentary was done called The Real Twist and is on youtube. Watch both parts and at the end of the second one, I make 75 throws and catch them!

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