• Passing 3 clubs up Mt washington

    From thelally@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed May 2 19:07:16 2018
    How's everyone doing. I'm looking for a juggler or multiple, to pass 3 clubs up Mt Washington on May 26th. Every year the owners of the Mt Washington auto road hold an event to open the summer season called alton weagle day. Quick back story alton
    weagle was an eccentric man who like to traverse the auto road in unique ways, including backwards, blindfolded, barefoot, and with a 100lb of sugar in a wheelbarrow. The idea behind alton weagle day is to climb the auto road in a way that's never been
    done before. My plan for this year is to pass 3 clubs up the road. I need a second juggler, I can't pass to myself, and my first choice for a partner is working that day. I can't offer any money, just the satisfaction of climbing Mt Washington in a
    way no one else ever has.

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