• PX4 Quantum vs Sirius...which is most like Dube Europeans?

    From bpphillips5@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Fri Mar 31 15:30:10 2017
    ‚ÄčI'm in the market to replace my original, aging set of Dube Europeans. I have a lot of clubs to replace (plus I need some for my juggling club), and I can't afford to buy everything in one go, so I would like to ask rec.juggling's opinion as to which
    PX4 club is most like my Europeans, handling-wise.

    The Quantum body LOOKS most like it, but comparing the specs of each club it appears that the Sirius will HANDLE most like it.

    Ideally I would just throw one of each and see which most closely approximates what I have, but I don't know anyone that has a PX4 of any kind. And of course I don't want to order a bunch of the wrong one and have to ship them back and exchange them (if
    they even allow that). So, fellow jugglers, anyone care to weight in?


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