• Re: Looking for a large walking globe in North America

    From jack golden@21:1/5 to bspeers on Thu Jan 20 08:55:40 2022
    I have 2 large fiberglass walking globes made by Claude Crumley. If you are still looking, let me know. Jackinleyden@gmail.com
    \On Thursday, October 31, 2002 at 5:19:36 PM UTC-5, bspeers wrote:
    Okay, I posted a little while back here about making my own globe using a basic inflated frame and fiberglass. Well, it has come to my realization
    that buying one is by far a safer and more reliable choice, considereing
    that the difference in cost would not be so great.
    Well, I've googled for walking globes, and searched the major venders, but none seem to sell the larger size. I'm talking about somewhere between 70
    and 85 cm (most are 60, which is smaller than I'm interested in).
    Can anyone out there direct me to a manufacturer that sells or creates the larger globes in North America? Anyone willing to sell theirs for a fair price? I'm hoping not to have to order from Australia or France or some
    other place overseas. Thanks a lot to anyone with info.
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