• The most difficult 3-ball trick/pattern

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    reverse backcrosses(blind catching behind back) are harder in my opinion Jason Lee Quinn <jason...@my-deja.com> wrote in message news:8pjblf$3mv$1...@nnrp1.deja.com...
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    Back crosses (IMO). It's the only one I know of that I can't do

    I second that motion. Continuous behind the back (=back crosses?) is by
    far the most difficult pattern with 3 for me (and probably most other people). I only get 20-30 catches on a good run with this. The control needed for this is very high and difficult to achieve. I always have to concentrate to do it whereas the "in front" patterns are easy enough to relax. I think that RR,MM, and BB aren't even close in difficulty to continuous behind the back.
    Of course you can always pile on more difficult things (eyes closed, hopping,etc) but I don't think that is what the poster is looking for.
    They just wanted a "pure" pattern. If anything behind the back doesn't qualify as "pure", then I'd nominate RR...


    --Woah?! How many is that?
    I think it really depends... I learned Mill's Mess and Chops before even learning Juggler's Tennis.

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    Then again, Shuffle is pretty tough too

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