• Bamboo : Pseudosasa Japonica achievable Height North Kent/ SE UK

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    Hello all,

    This is my first post on this forum. Thanks for being here and making
    this wonderful resource available!

    I am looking to use Pseudosasa Japonica as a screening hedge. I am
    seeing different reports in terms of achievable height. some say 4 some
    say 4-6.
    I really like the look of both the stems and leaves of the species and
    an added bonus that it blocks out noise as the neighbouring properties
    can be quite noisy in summer.
    The other advantage is that this species remains fairly affordable when purchased at a reasonable height of around 3m.

    I am in North kent/SE london borders and will be planting on the north
    side of the property. The site is on a south facing hill. The section i
    have chosen for planting has good exposure from just before midday to
    sunset. Being relatively close to the property 5-8m and halfway up the
    hill it does have a mini microclimate. My intention was to plant in a
    raised bed 700mm tall but excavate down 1m (is that overkill?) putting
    in rhizome barrier and backfilling with a compost topsoil mix (although
    any alterative/ improved suggestions would be appreciated). I need to
    achieve the top end of the heights i see reported which are around 6m do
    you think that is a realistic expectation with this variety? Some say 4m
    is the achievable height..

    thanks in advance to you for reading and this and hopefully assisting.


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