• No Monarchs, No Ladybugs, No Nothing In NW Indiana

    From mark@invalid.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Aug 25 21:25:41 2021
    We usually have lots of butterflies and ladybugs in our garden.
    This year I have seen only two Monarchs which were around only for a
    few days. I have not seen a single ladybug, stinkbug or any regular
    garden pest this entire summer.

    We had very heavy and continuing rains since Spring. I have never in
    all my years seen the trees and other green so heavy and thick with
    leaves, etc.

    The amount of rainfall must have wiped out all the young bugs or
    eggs in the Spring.

    It's a weird feeling to see certain wild flowers and bushes which
    usually have hoards of insects feeding from them entirely empty of
    any insects at all this entire summer.

    Anyone else in NW Indiana notice this happening in their area?

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