• Killing Honeysuckle/bleach

    From Jamh13@21:1/5 to All on Thu Apr 1 01:01:13 2021
    Roundup is a waste of your time and money for bush honeysuckle. They may look dead for awhile but I guarantee in time, sometimes a couple years or more, you will see suckers coming back on those “dead” stumps. Short of drilling holes in it and
    filling it with the strongest glyphosate you can get your hands on then plugging the hole, it don’t work for crud on this stuff... I find it interesting all these sources stating roundup is the best thing for it. Pfft! Missouri edu being one of them...
    hmm Monsanto is head quarters is in St. Louis... Two words, Tordon RTU. Kills it dead first time with a simple cut stump treatment in any season! Just be careful, this stuff sticks around in the soil for a long time, but that’s what you NEED for
    honeysuckle, it takes time to get to all those roots and kill it dead permanently!

    For full context, visit https://www.homeownershub.com/garden/killing-honeysuckle-bleach-39064-.htm

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