• Dendrochilum Magnum Spots

    From Elisabeth DeMoo@21:1/5 to All on Fri May 28 08:34:43 2021
    I received a beautiful and large Dendrochilum Magnum for my anniversary via mail. I think it was the second day that I noticed a spot on one of the larger leaves. I touched it and saw that there was a purplish liquid it had exuded. That quarter sized
    spot has now grown to the tip of the leaf. It is about 3" and it is dark brown. There hasn't been any more liquid just that one day. The leave next to it has a dark brown spot that is only 1/2". Then a few days ago I noticed a different leave in the
    middle of the pant turning brown on the edge of a leaf. I do have pets so I don't know if they bumped it or if this is from shipping and adjusting to a new space. Should I be worried that it has a virus... one other orchid I received in the same box isn'
    t doing well but I think it is sunburnt. I thought it could go in front of my window but now it is yellow on brown so I have now found a different place for it. I am thinking of repotting the Dendrochilum Magnum and removing the bulbs that have the spots.
    Any experience with spots on these orchids?? Thanks in advance!!

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  • From Sunny_orchids@21:1/5 to All on Mon May 31 18:15:02 2021
    The spot with the liquid may be fungus. If you can cut of the leaf (or a part with the spot), I would cut it off and treat the entire plant with fungicide to prevent it from spreading. It may take awhile for the specimen to recover, and perhaps more
    than one fungicide application. You may still have new spots on the old leaves, but if new ones are free of spots, you have done it.
    I had my dendrochilum Margnum fully recover only after 2 years, but now I have new leaves without spots, and it bloomed.

    For full context, visit https://www.homeownershub.com/orchids/dendrochilum-magnum-spots-3122075-.htm

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