• Psychopsis x Brassia ??

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    Hi All,

    I have a question for those of you out there that do orchid breeding or
    may know something about it.

    I recently crossed a Brassia onto a Psychopsis and the cross took. I
    have a nice, fat capsule maturing. From research that I've done I know
    that there are only 3 registered crosses of this type. They were all registered back in the mid 60's I believe.

    So, I am wondering what those crosses looked like and why they were
    never replicated. Were the flowers really ugly or were they simply
    difficult to repilicate? And what do you think may be the outcome of
    this odd cross that I have here?

    If anyone knows more of the history of this line of breeding and if they
    have photos or know where I can find photos of the flowers, I'd really appreciate the info.

    Thanks All,

    Crowhill Orchids, WI
    Victory belongs to the most persistent. - Anon.


    I will soon sow a pod of Psychopsis x brassia. I was wondering if you managed to bloom your cross


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