• My shot at native Win32 moria

    From james@slor.net@21:1/5 to ja...@slor.net on Wed Jan 11 14:27:30 2017
    On Saturday, December 3, 2016 at 2:12:22 AM UTC-5, ja...@slor.net wrote:
    Using PDCurses/SDL to give you the classic feel in today's windowed desktop.

    This is still based on the 5.5.2 core (mainly because I first did it about 8 years ago and just recently cleaned it up). Update for 5.6 and source code availability hopefully to come soon.

    More info with download link here: http://blog.slor.net/2016/11/a-native-windows-port-of-moria.html

    Finally got a chance to finish the game I started when I was working on this: http://www.slor.net/moria/slor.txt
    Glad to see I didn't do anything to prevent a winning game from completing!

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