• KLOV sucks more big, hairy balls than it's possible to count

    From An Ex-KLOV Member@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jan 18 12:00:17 2019
    Let me just get this out of the way up front: fuck KLOV.

    The site has been turned to shit by the admins. They have no clue as
    to how to actually deal with people who are causing problems and are
    generally there just to stroke their ego-meat until it splorts. For
    them, I offer a clue: if all you have in life that makes you happy is
    the ability to delete forum posts and yell at the people who posted
    them, you're a sad, sad individual. Leave the keyboard and get a life.

    Of course, it's not just the narcissistic pud-pulling that's a
    problem. There are at least two occasions on which a known scammer was
    taking people for money via the forums, and an admin let him continue
    because the scammer was a pal of his. Thanks, shithead; the company
    you keep (and allow to continue ripping off a community you're supposed
    to be protecting from things like this) speaks volumes about you. Hope
    those Paperboy controller parts were worth it.

    This shouldn't really surprise anyone, though. If it's true that
    culture comes from the top down, then Greg McLemore's shadily-acquired
    Sundance machine pretty much describes the ethos that the whole place
    is infected with. Let's see: it was basically looted from a
    not-abandoned property by one person, then acquired by Greg from
    that person with threats of law enforcement becoming involved if that
    person didn't let Greg get it. Those are some awesome ethics there,
    Greg. You're a real champ and a fine human being.

    While it would be possible to go on for days about how shit the forum management and ownership is, it's important that we don't overlook the
    forum users. Yes, this pile of almost-exclusively fat, middle-aged men
    trying to recapture the pinnacle of their youth (and subsequent
    existence) are some of the most pathetic assclowns you'll ever
    encounter. In a lot of ways, they make ham radio retards look like the
    most socially well-adjusted people you'll ever run across.

    Where, oh where to start with this one... OK: if an arcadetard is
    selling something, it's made out of diamond-encrusted, platinum-plated
    solid gold. But if they're buying, be prepared for lowballing the
    likes of which you've never seen before. Dear shithead: that isn't
    haggling; that's being a cheap fuck. It's insulting to the seller and
    frankly causes them to have nothing but contempt for you. And,
    vice-versa, putting selling prices on that OMG L@@K RARE!!!@!11!
    bootleg Scramble board that could just about get you an Aztarac for the
    same money only makes buyers not want to deal with you. Remove your
    heads from your respective asses, learn to breathe in an oxygen-rich environment again, and come back when you're ready to not be a fuckhead.

    Let's not forget where the users parallel the admins: ego. Jumping
    Jesus on a pogo stick do these people think they're King Shit because
    they own some video games, or sell parts for video games, or have a
    YouTube channel about video games. This is great, I guess, if you
    really like being able to see the other midgets' scalps without needing
    a stepladder to do it. But for everyone else out there, you're just a
    fucking knob who can't stop running his mouth. Please shut the fuck
    up, step away from the fucking keyboard, and go play a nice,
    neverending game of hide and go fuck yourself.

    While I'm thinking of it: nobody cares if you did give Billy Mitchell
    the glory-holing of a lifetime at some shithole game expo; being around
    these people doesn't make you important. The majority of them are
    total losers with nothing in their lives other than some video game
    they've been playing for the past 40 years. This is not something
    anyone should give even a half a shit about, so your constant
    references to the reacharound you got from Dwayne Richards at Funspot
    that one time back in '99 really do nothing but make you look even more pathetic.

    And since we're on the topic of game expos: take a goddamn shower every
    day that you're attending one. Add more if necessary. Nobody wants to
    smell your unwiped, unwashed ass-crack and bodily secretions on their
    third day of fermentation from across the game room. HYGIENE,

    This brings us neatly on to the final (but only for this post)
    complaint about the forum's lusers: they're right and anyone who
    disagrees should have the shit kicked out of them. There is no room
    for holding contrary thought - you either go along with the prevailing mentality or be castigated publicly for daring to have a differing
    opinion. Fuck that noise; I didn't sign up for groupthink,
    intimidation, or threats of bodily harm that the administrators seemed
    to think was both amusing and appropriate. Tell me how fucking not
    serious the problem is when someone is sending you Google Street View
    photos of your house and threatening to rape your wife. Cockbags.

    KLOV, you are such a gigantic piece of shit. Die in a fucking fire.

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