• I told you that this guy invented Moppet Video games!

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    During the begining of the Video Game boom my brother and I came up
    with a idea for a small sized video game since I was short and
    couldn't reach the games on the market with out a stool. We started
    the Company Intreped Marketing/Moppet Video/Tong Electronics. I
    designed the cabinets and did the programming. He built the cabinets
    and did the wiring and electrical stuff. We though sales would reach
    10,000 or more but we only sold 523 of the Leperchauns which we bought
    the right to use the game from GPI as we worked on our own game
    "Pirate Treasure" but sales of it were low as well as only 509 sold.
    We were deap in the hole when ET Marketing agreed to buy us out in the
    fall of 1982. All of the unused cabinets games from 1982 were
    scrapped. They designed a new cabinet and format for the games and
    used the games Desert Race and Tug Boat which I had almost completed.
    They folded in early 1984. I wish I had never sold the company as I
    had some good ideas. I recently aquried the rights from the current
    owners which were doing nothing with them. and my New Partner Kyle
    Scott Jr and I desided instead of creating new cabinets to use old
    ones since so many are trashed. But there were few Orginal Moppets out
    there so we decided to use Full Size Arcade cabinets and cut them to
    size. Since GPI helped get our start with Leprechaun/Pot of Gold we
    decided to use there cabinets. Below is a prototype of the Control
    Panel in begining stages. We plan on reintrucing the Class of 1982
    Reunion Leperchaun/Pirate Treasure as well as the Class of 1983
    Reunion Desert Race/Tug Boat. We have some new ideas for games but
    none we can discuss at this moment. If any one would like to help by
    donating emptpty/non-working/or working Game Plan games please let me


    Looking for any Game Plan (GPI) or Moppet Video Games or Parts Any


    I'm interested in buyings the rights, specifically to Tugboat. Please email me at jmiller0103@hotmail.com if interested.

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