• Tech: Bally Midway "Bump and Jump" - no cars, maping test failed with L

    From johncarniello@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Fri May 11 11:41:36 2018

    Check out the video I recorded. It shows the game rumming in demo mode with no cars. I will power fail first. Then I will the power fail it again, and put it in "video p.c. board test only" mode, then power it back on.

    The ram test passes (it should say "RAM TEST OK" but says "R-L TDRT NJ)
    I have looked at other screens and I have determined that J=K and N=O so the NJ=OK. Ram should be ok.

    The maping test fails (it should say "MAPING TEST OK").

    It fails with:

    L-PHNF DR 9J

    It looks like the IC at location 9J is bad. But I wonder if this location is correct as the game is not displaying correct characters on display.

    Any thoughts...


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