• TECH:MIDWAY SPACE INVADERS II COCKTAIL (2 player...simultaneous?)

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    I've been scratching my head lately with this cocktail game. I bought
    the game originally not working but since then have video and can play
    the game (kinda). The problem is I don't believe its the right version
    of space invaders in the game.

    The version of space invaders that was in the cocktail was Midways Space Invaders. After noticing the screen would not "flip" for second player,
    I tried changing the dip switch settings. This did not help. I then
    found on the internet the Midway Space Invaders Deluxe roms (says part
    II on the opening screen) and put this into the cocktail. Again I could
    play the game but the screen would not flip. Then I noticed something
    very strange. On the instructions for each player it says something
    about playing SIMULTANEOUSLY (sp?)! I have never heard of a version of
    space invaders that could be played this way. Since my game never came
    with the original roms to begin with, I can only ponder if I am
    interpreting the instructions correctly.

    My gameboard says it can be used for space invaders II cocktail and the mainboard says 2X k. (whatever that means.) My question is did Midway
    ever make a simultaneous (again sp?) head to head version of this game?
    If so, could somebody tell me where I might find these rom images? Were there two versions of Space Invaders Part II or two versions of Space Invaders Deluxe?...were these the same game?...I'm confused? If this is
    a real game the did they make many (Midway and Taito)? Thanks for

    Ron Gadow

    you have a very rare Midway cocktail space invaders 2 "head to head"
    Taito took Midway to court over violation of copy right licence..
    any way you may find an Auxiliary pCB in the cabinet ?
    but it sounds like they have converted it to space invaders part 2
    the problem with this cabinet is the B&W monitor never had the relay to do the flip for second player..
    so you either need find ROM's for space invaders 2 along with the Aux' PCB or find a cocktail monitor

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