• control/interface problems

    From David Chmelik@21:1/5 to All on Thu Oct 19 06:36:58 2023
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    Moria/Angband used to work fine years/decades ago but sometimes at/after
    switch to 64-bit then more playing in X Window System, problems appeared.
    On XFCE Slackware64 15+current (64-bit) in X terminals (xterms) and
    Angband's X mode, some buttons do strainge things. For example, when I
    try to walk in a direction, sometimes it only runs (at least Angband)
    which was actually a same problem as when I converted Super Rogue and the
    final version of Hack to use the number pad. That usually stops happening after a while in Angband. Another thing in Moria/Angband, <ESC> in menus
    seems to do nothing, though Moria 5.6 at least flashes cursor showing I
    pressed <ESC> but for some reason it's not processed (making me have to ^C
    and restart game after every menu). I usually use KDE Konsole. Should I
    use a different xterm or do these games need some recoding for modern interfaces? The walk action doing running was also a problem on pure
    (non-X) terminals (ttys).

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