• To-Do's & Benefits for Being a Rummy Affiliate

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    Affiliates are the one who associates with an organization or a company for promoting the brand with qualified sales. But, before proceeding, every affiliate should follow some points while choosing the best organization.

    Must follow points for Affiliates:

    1. Before choosing, Affiliates should make sure of the brand security.

    2. Need to check for new marketing tools for better and smart promotions.

    3. Also, the organization should provide round the clock support for any assistance.

    4. Brand should focus on benefiting the users with more offers, so that affiliate can promote across the world and build trust among all.

    There are organizations, which conducts 'NewAffiliate Program' to advertise their brand across the world. But the only thing is, whatever the platform it could be, every affiliate should monitor in all aspects and then proceed for the next step. In
    these days, rummy card games have become more popular and grabbed the attention of many people in online. The one who is interested in marketing such online rummy platforms can know their benefits which are mentioned below.

    Affiliate Program Benefits:

    · Affiliate can get rewarded depending on their qualified sales.

    · Get good experience in marketing for promoting leading brand.

    · Best opportunity for affiliates to prove their marketing skills and grow along with the company.

    · Earn handsome commissions for making qualified sales.

    · Promoting Safe, Secure and Stable gaming platform help affiliates to build trust about the brand globally.

    · Special Marketing Tools and standard content which help more for affiliates.

    · 24/7 support

    · Chance to market best tournaments and promotions across the world.

    · Earn extra money for bringing more players to our product.

    · On-time and Guaranteed payments.

    In addition to this, some of the leading rummy platforms provide exclusive features and rewarding bonuses where you ever found in other rummy sites.

    Features such as Late Registration, Shootouts, Add chips, Middle Join. Whereas Bonuses such as Welcome Bonus, Extra Welcome bonus, Early deposit bonus, Happy Hours, Special Bonus.

    Late Registration: Exclusive feature in rummy industry. Players can register for the tourney even after the actual registration time got over.

    Shootouts: It's an additional bonus feature for rummy players. Players can get extra bonus amount for defeating each opponents. The more they shootouts, the more they can earn.

    Middle Join: Players can join in the middle and start the rummy action at any time.

    Add Chips: Players will have a facility to add instant chips and continue the tourney, even they were out of chips.

    Also, there are some exciting bonuses for rummy players to earn more by just registering for free.

    Want to take part in such leading rummy platform? No more searching! All these interesting features and offers are available in India's leading rummy platform, “Gorummy”.

    Considering all these factors, Gorummy has become most favorite rummy portal and it stands out unique compared to all other rummy sites. It is also proud to say that Gorummy is the first platform that introduces real rummy tournaments on Mobile.

    What are waiting for? Now, affiliates can happily come forward with a challenge and join their hands for marketing the brand by building more trust across the world.

    Promote More!!! …. Earn More!!!

    Be a Best Affiliate with Best Rummy Platform…

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