• Squeak double solitaire card game

    From jlrumrill@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jun 7 17:15:46 2016
    Thr layout is the sqeek pile and 4 face up cards. If you have no plays when you layout your hand you areallowed to reshuffle & relayout 3 times. The scoring is whoeber empties their sqeek pile gets an automatic 25 points then when you sort out the center
    you add 1 point for each card you had in the center. The players that did not squeek count how many cards are leftin their sqeek pile and double the number. That is how many cards they need to have in the center to break even anytging over that number is
    points for that player. I was tought that you played to 105 but you can play to whatever number you want.

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  • From rvandebogert@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jul 5 12:35:40 2018
    The way we played it was four cards dealt out to the right of the Squeal Pile. Then the game continued in the Solitaire manner from either the Squeal pile or the remaining cards in your hand - playing them three cards face up at a time - as in Solitaire.
    We played off of each other’s aces. The person who did not squeal counted their remaining cards in the pile and doubled the count which was subtracted from the number they had in the middle - aces and up (foundations).

    Have not played it in years, but am now trying to teach it to my grandchildren.

    We use to play a game called Spite and Malice also.

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