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    However, within the context of the game defined by the rules, there
    are uncertainties.
    And divination, say Golden Dawn style tarot divination, is a game defined
    by rules, with plenty of uncertainty to spare.
    If there were none, there would be no game to play.
    Yes, precisely, we'd just as well burn the cards, google at their beauty,
    or worse yet, be a typical poster to Tarot-L
    the four of clubs (or four of rods, or whatever) represents something else for divination purposes. The rules you are writing about associate the "something else" with the card. How that association is verified is a good bit more problematic.
    How is the association verified in a trick-taking or other game? It's
    equally arbitrary. Players agree that card X beats card Y, hand P beats
    hand Q, and so on. No need for verification, it's just an agreement to
    the rules of the game.
    Even where two readers rely on the same general guidelines,
    their interpretation will vary, in part because the guidelines themselves warn
    that they must.
    If what you're saying is that the "something else" stipulated by the
    rules of divination is less "black & white" than the "something else's"
    of a card game, then we're in agreement.
    Third, odds calculations are *in*definite in both cases.
    assign numerical values to the *likelihood* of future events based
    *past* outcomes and formulae that generalize what those past
    *should be* (remember, assumptions underly everything). Divination assigns likelihood to future events as well, and guess what, based
    *past* outcomes too, like a spread of cards. Nothing is definite,
    things are likely to happen (or not).

    To the extent this statement applies to playing cards themselves, it's misleading to wrong.
    But it applies to the game itself. Certainly, once card X pops up, it's futile to adjust our strategy to it popping up again (assuming we're
    playing with a single deck). And as in tarot divination, once Death, 10
    of Swords, or other dreaded card shows up, it's too late, to the dismay
    of the (silly) querent.
    In a trick-taking game, there is an established hierarchy of rank and
    suit, such that one card among those played will capture the trick.
    That is defined by the rules, and it is verifiable within the context
    of the game. The order varies in different games, but within each it
    is established and definite.

    In the case of divination, the probability that the four of rods will
    show in the same circumstances is also based on the shuffle and so on.
    Its associated meaning, combined with its appearance in a specific
    place in a layout, will alter its interpretation, but the connection
    of its presence to future events outside the deal of the cards remains
    more difficult to determine.
    In other words, the same card in the same
    position in the same layout doesn't mean the same thing to different readers if their rules -- or their interpretation of the rules -- are
    not the same to begin with.
    But that's the same for gamers. Cards are affected by each other in a
    tarot spread, like words are affected by each other in a sentence. And
    cards are affected by each other in a hand, more precisely, in
    determining the worth of that hand in the play, like the worth of a tarot spread, so much as it describes the future play, in whatever game a
    querent is playing.
    True enough. Just to be clear, I personally claim no psychic powers,
    and I've never met anyone I believe to have such powers. I can stare
    at a Tarot layout for hours and not see an instant into the future.
    But I do nonetheless find some value in laying out the cards and going through the routine. The reason is that I react to the interpretations
    the layouts suggest -- it helps me to see more clearly what the issues actually are around a given question. Used that way, I believe Tarot
    (or any other form of divination) is a useful tool that *can* help to resolve concerns that come up in my life. So while I can't tell who's bonking anyone's wife, I can more clearly understand my own reaction
    to the situation. Hey, it's cheaper than a shrink!
    LMAO 8)
    Ygorl Slaad, Lord of Entropy
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