• Looking for Andy Pollett who has written extensively on history of play

    From Sunish Chabba@21:1/5 to All on Sun May 15 06:41:00 2016
    Hi All,

    I'm working on designing a deck with inspiration from Dashavatara Ganjifa and Madhubani artform. It started as a design challenge to revive lost and forgotten traditional arts & crafts of India. While researching on numerous options, I picked up Ganjifa
    and had been working on it for past few months.

    The project is near completion now with some work left on the booklet that is going to accompany this deck. I saw that Andrea Pollett has written extensively on Ganjifa and playing card history, in general. I could find an email address of him but it may
    not be the correct one or he might not be using it.

    Site URL: a_pollett.tripod.com

    I could see a post on Ganjifa in this forum and believe he might have been part of this forum. Any chance if someone can help me in getting touch with Andy will be quite helpful. Appreciate any help or suggestions you may have.

    Sunish Chabba

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