• JT August victim of BTK ...possible indirect family member?

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    Dennis Rader, convicted BTK, may have wanted his indirect family framed for his murders and he may have wanted indirect family member JT August framed.

    Dennis Rader may have been a "look-a-like" family indirectly of Dennis Reader, convicted BTK killer in Wichita area.

    Because Dennis Reader might share DNA characteristics with JT August where DNA and fingerprints would not match BTK crimes probably.

    Remember: I cannot cause obstruction or tampering or cross reference to any case, because I have lack of control and consent of crime reporting, that does NOT ruin the evidence either. For example, if a murderer shoots a gun at a crime scene and leaves
    expended bullets in a tree trunk, and the killer sticks a finger in tree bullet hole, the killer made two crimes one obstruction and one murder, not the killer successfully ruined the crime scene.

    When Dennis Radar was arrested, he seemed interested in interview to want family members of his framed. I am pretty confident JT August won't match DNA or fingerprints. but that seems scary because if laboratory makes a mistake, then might be too risky.

    BUUUUUTTTT...if JT August can produce business or employment or bank etc. receipts showing he was in Saint Louis, Missouri area at the murders, BETTER, when records day before after and during the murders, that would be 100% exoneration!

    Maybe that will help public media detectives also.

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