• Next FCUG meeting - Sunday, June 18

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    Happy Father's Day, C= and Ami aficionados!
    The Fresno Commodore User Group has its next meeting from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Sunday, June 18 at --

    Bobby Salazar's Mexican Restaurant
    2839 North Blackstone Ave. (corner of Blackstone and Michigan)
    Fresno, California
    (559) 227-1686

    Note the changed time for the meeting; we must be out of the room in order for a Father's Day group to take over at 2.
    Since our last meeting, two shows have happened -- the Bay Area Maker Faire and the Pacific Commodore Expo NW. I'll have a report and photos from both shows.
    For the hardware part of the meeting, we'll examine a Video Toaster board for an Amiga 2000 and an Emplant board for the A2000, the latter board giving you classic Mac emulation when run on the Amiga. Also we'll look at the PAL VIC-20 just modded
    by Ray Carlsen and the low-cost universal Commodore power supply by Ray. Alex L. may be bringing his hardware for everyone; this what he says, "...C128D... Have GEOS ram expansion, Mini X-Pander, Final Cartridge III or Epyx Fastload, SD2IEC made by my
    polish friend, Wimodem connected to my cellphone so we can have it connected to BBS on the table in restaurant. Have C=Key for keyboard and by that time I should have it fully connected to LCD for both 40/80 columns. Also possibly I will have my A2000
    fully setup with Vampire 500 V2+ that I just received."
    In software, we'll look at some of the various C64 and VIC-20 software shown at the two above shows.
    Finally, I have a special C= video to show everybody.

    Writing from Starbucks in Grants Pass, Oregon,
    on the way back to California,
    Robert Bernardo
    Fresno Commodore User Group
    July 29-30 Commodore Vegas Expo v13 -

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