• >> JT AUGUST << "I think the BTK got caught framing his family ... "

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    JT AUGUST << "I think the BTK, Dennis Rader" got caught framing his family ... " ... I think it might be 100% now ...

    He said in an interview that he thought DNA would point to his family members, despite all the evidence against him including his black vehicle. It wouldn't surprise me if it included his brothers or fourth cousins in Missouri or whatever ...

    Remember, people love and don't hate sometimes if this dude has been bothering you and your family for a long time : STAY LOUD AND SCREAM IN LARGE CAPITAL LETTERS IF POSSIBLE, if language has to include :

    * FRAUD

    .... in large capital letters because you believe all you can do is indirectly speak than that is going to it : I just picture that your life might have been like a bad TV movie of week from 1970's where a family goes to an isolated cabin on a
    vacation, and then a freak snowstorm hits and a grizzly bear (like a BTK) sits there and hounds the family without electricity and storming for, like 30 years, or whatever ....

    Also, my case CANNOT 100% forcibly cross-refer to your case at all : for example, if technicality claimed on a Wednesday while crime on Thursday and Friday is 0% chance technicality because technicality cannot be "crime in progress" : duration,
    length, and volume in excess even is fine, then !! And then if ever an arrest in my case for me not against me, then maybe "different" without saying what is known already (good at law since I was a kid)

    If you can talk more directly than indirectly if possible, please do ... another : if anybody is "mean" and says you "invited victims to be victims of BTK" ~~>>>~>>~>>>~~>> SHARP NO ~~>>~~>>~>>>~~>> YOU CANNOT INVITE WITHOUT CONSENT WHAT YOU

    .... a rape victim cannot invite without consent consented sex ... a thief victim cannot invite without consent jewels stolen as consented invitation, etc. When people talk that way, it's usually a self-incrimination they can do that, also, but
    only when they are persistent in same speech (meaning and intent capacity) .....

    More soon, Ken !!

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