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    On Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 8:51:41 PM UTC-5, math_guy wrote:
    After reading this thread again, I am retracting my comment that Bel
    is a "good guy."

    He claims to only have a problem with parallax-scroll, yet many of his facetious remarks in this thread are directed at ME. To begin, he's
    been dismissive: "Where's the Math Guy I listed Google Groups archives
    of a few posts back? He was alright." Was? Apparently, a person can
    only be "alright" if he or she agrees with Bel on EVERYTHING!

    Next, he's been sarcastic: "Try Google sometime, it's fun and easy to
    use." Sure. I'll do that. Right after I figure out how someone
    finds and posts 14 obscure links and types close to 300 words in "2

    He has said things that aren't true: "you usually stick up for [parallax-scroll]...and that just sort of makes you stick out."
    Usually? When Bel posted this, the total number of times I had stuck
    up for parallax-scroll was ONE!

    Another false remark: "you started this by defending a known troll."
    I have never defended parallax-scroll's past trolling, and Bel
    "started this" by using me as an excuse to attack another poster (I
    had previously asked him not to do this).

    Most of all, he's been hypocritical: he used the homophobic "f" word
    three times to convince me that parallax-scroll is a troll for using
    that word, then used the sexist "w" word (an equally offensive
    vulgarity) twice elsewhere in this thread for no good reason. He
    claims to have not "gone after anyone but" parallax-scroll, but
    conveniently forgot Space Boss. He accused me of "lording over [the]
    humble folk" in this group because I debated with two people in this
    one thread, but he's been "lording over" the entire group rec.games.video.sega for years.

    I "should have known better," alright, than to reason with a bully.


    BTK is trying to get us all to take credit for his anti-video game terror : will it be successful ??? Not on this end : I fetched 200 SWAT teams for here : any non-compliance by government IN THE FACES OF GOVERNMENTS OTHER THAN OWN will be screened.

    Government caught HAVING FUN AND INCREASED PRODUCTIION with other government and BTK victims WILL BE HEROIZED !!

    Easy ~~~~~~~> NEW RULES <~~~~~ ....

    .... they just are not Sean and Chris's rules ALL THE TIME .... Chris and Sean are usually the easiest to convince ....

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