• Space Chase, the CBM II game that was 35 years late, is finished! (fwd)

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    Space Chase is a 1 or 2 player split-screen shooter that was specifically developed for the CBM II series of computers (sold as Commodore 610, 620, 710 and 720 in Europe and as B128, B256 and CBM B128-80 and B256-80 in the U.S.). It is fully programmed
    in Assembler, uses the full "PETSCII resolution" of 160 x 50, and boasts cool music and sound composed by the famous SID composer Max Hall (yes, the CBM II's have SID chips!) Space Chase can be downloaded for free at


    If you don't own real CBM II hardware, you can use the CBM2 emulation of (Win)VICE to still enjoy the game. Have fun! Comments and feedback welcome!


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