• Dennis Rader's masturbation shaming & behavior shaming ring jerking off

    From anticreep12081970@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon May 23 10:57:19 2016
    Dennis Rader's masturbation shaming & behavior shaming & video game shaming ring jerking off here in this newsgroup:

    Be careful everybody : it includes many many government employees, maybe even Sheriff's and Police Chief's etc. : just tell by their behavior if safe talking to them :

    Might even include churches and TV and radio psychologists, etc.

    ..... and, yes, disgruntled with video games people ........

    I know it confuses kids, watching how hard it is to get help when needed >>>>>> SENDS A HORRIBLE MESSAGE <<<<<< but it's an easy way to hide sex if powerful politicians, etc.

    Just know "how far off" from reality of psychological tests and brain scans, etc.

    Love all .... Ken

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