• New Colecovision homebrew games coming soon!

    From Fapsoft Games@21:1/5 to All on Tue May 17 20:21:23 2016
    Fapsoft Games is pleased to announce three new homebrew games for the Colecovision that everyone is sure to enjoy. All three games will be
    available either individually or at a reduced price on a single multi-game cartridge, and come boxed with full art and instructions included.

    RAGING FAGGOT: you're Henri the Happy Homo, and you want to stay that way!
    What makes Henri a Happy Homo? Cock! Lots and lots of cock. But not
    just any kind of cock - you need the kind of cock that can only be found
    in glory holes. Roam the city, going from building to building and either giving or receiving in the men's room stalls. But watch out for the
    Homophobic Death Patrol and Vice Squad! Bonus levels include the Truck
    Stop, Bus Station, and Blue Oyster Bar.

    BUGCHASER: Henri's back, and he still wants cock - but now he wants HIV
    with his cock! Sodomize as many leather queens as you can, but make sure
    they don't punch up their butt cheeks and rip your dick off! Score
    mega-points by fisting up to two other opponents while buggering a third! Fisting requires Super Action Controllers.

    FLUFFER: Henri's had his fill of truck stop cock, caught full-blown AIDS,
    and has settled into a job at the Blue Oyster Bar while he winds down his
    clock on AZT. Only problem is, the bar's out of beer and the patrons all
    have raging hard-ons! Make sure Henri gulps down every last ounce of jizz coming his way - if he doesn't, an angry patron will brutally ass-rape
    him, then beat the shit out of him for passing on AIDS. Roller Controller recommended for realistic knob-slobbing action.

    Expected date of release is October, 2016. Keep an eye out for these and
    other fun family-friendly Fapsoft Games releases!

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