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    I'll bite.

    The NES was built using cheap parts to great effect. It wasn't inferior
    to the C64 or SMS, for a few reasons. The big one is hardware scrolling.

    I'm not sure if you know at all what the environment was at the time. It
    wasn't a technological arms race, it was a quest to create a fun and
    affordable home videogame system.

    So do the ultimate true comparison. Play the games. The NES resurrected
    the market after the endless flood of shovelware on C64, Atari machines, Coleco, etc. totally tanked it. The solution was good games.

    The NES is why you have consoles in the US at all.

    On 9/16/07 10:36 PM, Sonic the Hedgehog wrote:

    C'mon, the NES was technically inferior to a Commodore 64 !

    The Sega Master system was so much better. Even the ATARI
    7800 was soooo much better than the NES.

    The NES' success can only be explained by Nintendo's ruthless
    policy, not by its quality.

    NES games suck. Crappy graphics, terrible sound.Remember
    the SID in the C64 which was even present in the old Commodore
    6xx machines, long before the NES. Heck, even ATARI's ancient
    POKEY is much better than the NES' soundchip.

    And let's not talk about the flickering sprites.

    The NES was crap. Period.

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    On Wednesday, September 19, 2007 at 6:42:58 PM UTC-6, jt august wrote:
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    The Space Boss <drsmi...@aol.com> wrote:
    Oh, please. "Use Google groups, and turn the gallant entity the
    newsgroups into another web forum." Usenet has been a forum of end user customizability. You can choose your own news reader to suit your OS
    and taste. You can set the preferences to how you read news posts.
    But you, Dr. Space Guitar 666, want us to use one of the clumsiest web
    based forum systems as our access point for this perennial service just because you want us to read usenet the way you do. That sir (and I use
    this term liberally), is another example of why we don't generally care
    for your pathetic nature.
    It's free, and, I imagine, just about the best.
    I use MT-Newswatcher for Mac OS X. It's free, and having tried Google
    Groups to access this newsgroup, and can say I find MT-Newswatcher far superior.

    Some people like to utilize USEnet for different uses. Most if not all newsgroups servers don't let you see past a pretty small chunk of within a date range, regardless of what you want at the user interface level. I like that there is an archive out
    there I can type a search term into and see what people were thinking and discussing in 1994, rather than iPhone and coronavirus spam from the six months.

    The Google Groups hate was there a long time ago, but now a day even the dime-a-dozen PHP user forums from the early 00's aren't even really active anymore, so where does that put Google Groups? Better, worse? Or at the very least a hardy archive of
    stuff going back to the 80's. ISPs ditched news servers 20 years ago and the eccentrics still haven't figured out why (maybe it was all the illegal activity that took over the whole network)

    Most of these people are vehement against Google Groups and its posters because they're not running some x32 program newsreader to participate in discussion, but decades ago they decided that participation was closed

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