• Chuck Peddle passes away

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    Not sure I agree with this quote from the NY Times -

    “Chuck Peddle is one of the great unsung heroes of the personal computer age,” said Doug Fairbairn, a director at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif. “Virtually
    all of the early, successful, mass-market personal computers were built around the 6502, not chips from Intel or anyone else.”

    The Z80 was just as important, in about as many computers, and especially in Europe. And the famous Altair ran on the 8080, though that was right at the edge of being something
    normal people could afford. Really you'd have to be an electronic engineer and nick most of the components from work. Federico Faggin is 79 and his clock line is still oscillating.

    Federico deserves great recognition himself, and I'm sure we all have it for him. But not on Chuck's death announcement, RIP Chuck, cheers for the revolutionary idea of a cheap
    microprocessor that normal people could own! Very much a lead to putting computers in the home and everywhere else. He changed the world.

    I know this post is very late but that's Usenet these days it seems, I just got connected again.


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