• REQ: looking to join a fantasy GURPS game Online.

    From pbarone714@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jan 24 20:04:03 2019
    I’m looking for players for a tabletop and online GURPS Space roleplaying game. All of the player characters are secret agents. I am running the game online. We can teach you the system. It’s easy!

    If you’re interested, please call me. Call me for character creation. I have 4 pregenerated characters, including a telepath.

    If you’re interested, please call me.

    I am also running the adventure online — just one move per day.

    Character creation:
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    Recruiting Board
    GURPS Space: Rebirth

    Game page:
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    GURPS Space: Rebirth

    Paolo (562) 248-3901

    GURPS Lite:

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