• Twilight's Peak --SPOILERS

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    My players and I had a lot of fun with the antimatter battery, plus the floating grav platforms.
    At first they forgot about them in their inventory for awhile as other adventuring took place. It was during some desperate escape from a planet they were forced to jump before getting sufficiently far away from the gravity well. This (of course)
    caused a miss-jump putting them in a dead parsec with no planetary system and out of gas. Even I as the referee was not sure what "Deus ex machina" I was going to have to drop in place to rescue them ("rescue fuel buoy depot" maybe or something equally
    silly), then I remembered the battery and told my players; "you have the solution, you just need to think about it". At our school between classes they pestered me every day before they finally figured out they could rig the battery into their jump
    drive. It blew their systems, caused damage and another miss-jump, but it put them in a star system with fuel and repair resources.

    Later, I gave them diagrams I made myself of the battery and grav platforms. They stuffed the diagrams into their Ships Locker notebook. Eventually, during a lull in the action on board their ship, a bored player noticed that grav platforms had buttons
    that allowed them to teleport what was on one platform to the other. Then they noticed that the platforms could line up over each other, this caused them to sandwich into one 8 handled platform (an new diagram I had created and held on for about a month)
    , with colored contacts that perfectly matched the antimatter battery. The handles blinked but stayed lit when held. They grabbed on and then they hit the buttons and poof... they end up in an dark room and not on their ship where they were before.
    They make their way through the old ruin, obviously Ancient in origin, and out onto the surface of a planet. A look up at the sky and a skill check on Navigation reveals they are now two sectors away in the Far Frontiers sector... their starship is
    about a years travel away... and a quest for the Sky Raiders awaits... :)

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