• [slashem] Speed boots at Spider Caves (probabilities again)

    From Janis Papanagnou@21:1/5 to All on Fri Mar 19 03:19:20 2021
    My elven barbarian did quite well, he had reached around dlvl:20+
    and got a wish from a smoky potion or from a (yet unidentified)
    wand of wishing. Pondering what to wish for; I needed speed boots,
    [helm of] telepathy would be fine, an athame for quick engravings
    was also on my wish list. Despite being close to the Spider Caves
    (@dlvl 26-29) with a guaranteed pair of speed boots I decided for
    a speed boots wish to make the quest easier. Later in the Spider
    Caves (dlvl:29) I did not find one but three pairs of those boots!
    Oh well.


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