• Dark Days COMPLETED!

    From Chris Bowers@21:1/5 to All on Thu Mar 11 13:25:18 2021
    My Nethack Wizard Mode Variant is complete! The game is completely playable up until the amulet is sacrificed, since you are technically in wizard mode.

    Firstly, the game is designed to be easier in the beginning levels, and to have increasing difficulty all the way up to the very end of the game. One of the main critiques of nethack is that it's too difficult in the early game but too easy in the mid to
    late game. I have tried to remedy that and I believe I have succeeded. The early game, however is still challenging, since it was programmed with the player at a higher level (which was reduced when going back to level 1). But because of this the player
    does start with workarounds for out of depth monsters in their starting inventory..

    Dark Days has removed every single guaranteed item in the game, and has replaced them with items that are NOT guaranteed in a Nethack game. Thus, there is no guaranteed Luckstone, but there may be a guaranteed Ring of Polymorph Control (for example).

    Because much play strategy revolves around these guaranteed items, the game feels like something completely different, just from changing the guaranteed vs. non-guaranteed items.

    Reflection and Magic Resistance, as well as wishes are nearly impossible to get before gehennom. Not impossible of course (you could always get a fountain wish, for example), but very very unlikely.

    Because of this, the player needs to prepare for and carefully search gehennom to find these resources (magic resistance, reflection, and wishes).

    Three new towns have been added, and nearly all artifacts have been removed. This is coupled with the release of new artifacts which are over enchanted normal items (a wand of fire with 100 charges, for example), or a Longsword +10.

    Artifacts are guarded with bosses, clues, riddles, or all three.

    Because of wizard mode there are various puzzles that the player must solve with their Nethack knowledge. This includes river puzzles, new boulder puzzles, obscured staircase puzzles, and riddles.

    The riddle system in this game teaches players to answer a riddle with a word, convert the words to numbers and cardinal directions, and then dig at that spot for rewards. (This is using the engraving permanently feature).

    There is also a ton of plot and dialogue (actually monologue) in the game which describes areas, the flow of the plot, thoughts the hero has, and town conversation.

    Characters figure into the story heavily and the player is aided in his quest by such colorful personalities as Deneir the Holy Priest, by Silverleaf the Pirate Elf, And Yzz the Mind Flayer, as well as the comments and taunts of The Wizard of Yendor

    There are over a dozen new permanent locations in the game as well as random levels, and re-worked levels, such as medusa's swamp and all new Sokoban puzzles.

    The game is clearly meant for a person who has already ascended at least once. However, since the early game is much easier it's possible that someone could ascend in this game in a similar time period to Vanilla Nethack.

    If you wish to play it, please send me an email magic by mccauley at yahoo dot com. No spaces and with symbols instead of words, obviously (hey it's your first riddle!)

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  • From Chris Bowers@21:1/5 to All on Thu Mar 25 14:34:13 2021
    Sam Magnus, who requested the game to play it, has successfully UNWIZED the game so now it is a true variant! (Well... sort of).

    Anyone else who wishes to play the game please let me know in this thread or on my email address.

    He's removed the Die y/n and the wizard commands. Super awesome! I hope you will all play this game (Janis, I'm looking at you!!!!)

    It's wonderful and happy that this game now is a true game, something developed in wizard mode which the world will now have as a whole new game, in perpetuity! I'll figure out just where to host it too. In the meantime please let me know if you wish to
    have the save game so as to play it.

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