• [slashem] Artifacts wish advice for lawful Caveman

    From Janis Papanagnou@21:1/5 to All on Sun Dec 26 15:31:21 2021
    My Caveman survived the mine town and Sokoban. When I engrave-checked
    the wands I identified a wand of wishing. First wish for scroll(s) of
    charging, second one for the Wallet of Perseus. There's no co-aligned
    altar yet, so I pondered about an appropriate artifact weapon wish.
    His role is restricted in sabres (Grayswandir) and long swords (many
    good artifacts available in principle), so what to wish for? A thought
    is to wish for the Holy Spear of Light. Althoug the weapon is suggested
    by the Wiki its damage 1d8 (+1d20) +10 is not too good if we ignore the
    silver bonus and the undead bonus for general application. So what to
    wish for? I have only one remaining artifact wish, so the weapon should probably be the next one. Another idea is to wish for the guaranteed
    first sacrifice gift, which would make me independent of an co-aligned
    altar. Or just continue with the Expert +1 club he started with? - Any suggestions?


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  • From Janis Papanagnou@21:1/5 to Janis Papanagnou on Sun Dec 26 22:20:57 2021
    On 26.12.2021 15:31, Janis Papanagnou wrote:
    [ Caveman early wish, pondering about artifact weapon to wish for ]

    Actually, I wished for the Bat of Hell. Despite being non-coaligned
    and that it blasts me, the maximum damage is still bearable, and not
    only at Expert proficiency it's certainly an excellent choice.

    So I arrived at the quests' levels, skipped the role quest, done
    the neutral quest, done the lawful quest. The co-aligned altar gave
    me the opportunity (although not any more necessary with the Bat of
    Hell in my possession) to wish for Skullcrusher, my guaranteed quest
    artifact. But after only a few sacrifices I got Grayswandir! What?!
    The only explanation would be that the expected artifact had already
    been generated and is randomly lying around somewhere; practically
    only the quest home or Grund's level qualifies, since I thoroughly
    explored all the other levels. I'll see. Or am I missing something?


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