• [slashem] bug - no two-weaponing possible despite listed in skill list

    From Janis Papanagnou@21:1/5 to All on Sat Oct 2 00:48:28 2021
    Decided to switch my Expert +5 Cleaver to two-weaponing Frostbrand and Stormbringer after having enchanted them both to +5. Dropped Cleaver at
    my stash and level-ported away. After practising longswords to Basic I
    wanted to start two-weaponing but got this message

    "Droven Barbarians aren't able to use two weapons at once."

    despite my fighting skill list that option as possible

    Fighting Skills
    bare-handed combat [Basic]
    two-handed combat [Unskilled]
    riding [Unskilled]

    This skill entry had really mislead me. Now my trusty and maxed Cleaver
    isn't accessible currently. At least for non-cold-resistant monsters
    Frostbrand is fine damage-wise. Only for other monsters it's inferior.

    Seems a bug in Slashem that they cannot handle the racial special case?


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