• Some Gnomes have all the luck!

    From Chris Bowers@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jul 28 23:55:05 2021
    So was at dungeon level 1, which contained a spellbook and a scroll. Was playing a gnomish wizard and so took a chance to read the spellbook.

    But! OH NO! Read the scroll by accident instead!

    *Your staff glows silver for a while*

    Well as some of you may know, I play petless and usually warrior types. Now I have a quarterstaff +4 which is like halfway to an artifact weapon on level 1! The +4 also negated my negative physical attributes.

    Then I read the spellbook MAGIC MISSILE BABY!

    Thought that would be it for me. Huge melee and magic missile? Done deal right?

    Unfortunately I unwisely later ate a stale corpse and got food poisoning and died.

    But then started another gnome, found the former gnome and well, that ascension is history too.

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