• [slashem] Weight calculation bug

    From Janis Papanagnou@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jul 6 17:15:25 2021
    A scenery at the Castle; soldiers of different grades throw frag
    grenades at me, I kill them and their bodies with their remains
    are piled up. One heap that I inspected more closely had a couple
    stacks of frag grenades as shown in the left column (with their
    weight displayed in braces)

    a - 14 frag grenades {400} a - 13 frag grenades {325}
    f - 11 frag grenades {525} f - 10 frag grenades {250}
    j - 2 frag grenades {175} j - a frag grenade {25}

    These weights are not not correct, though. A single frag grenade has
    a weight of {25}. If I pick up one item from any of the three stacks
    that value gets corrected. And after having picked up an item from
    each stack all values are okay (as depicted in the right column).

    If I pick up a stack of miscalculated frag grenades (I tested that
    with 3 frag grenades {100}) my inventory weight gets also incremented
    by that wrong value (and dropping these will correct my inventory
    weight but not the weight of the dropped grenades).


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