• [slashem] Mishap at Sanctum

    From Janis Papanagnou@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jul 4 15:53:17 2021
    My Slashem episode to retrieve the Amulet went the usual way; I visited Asmodeus, took him down to the Sanctum level to let him get the Amulet.
    By accident I hit him, so - scared as he was - he danced around me at
    the stairs, not intending to go for the Amulet. Finally he was confident
    again, teleported to the inner Sanctum and returned. A quick ESP-farlook
    turned out to have been wise; the high priest was still alive, obviously because Asmodeus got hit so hard that he fled for the stairs once again.
    Rinse repeat, after he vanished again and reappeared the high priest was
    gone. So I killed Asmodeus, just to notice no amulet in his possessions.
    Doh! - It must have been that after Asmodeus killed the high priest he
    was so low on HPs and scared again, too scared to pick the Amulet from
    the high priest's remains. - So I had to get it the boring way... *sigh*


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